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Reviews for Bosco Chiropractic Clinic

I Am Happy to be a Patient of Yours

Marie and Lyn were most helpful in explaining insurance billing, making copies of insurance cards and their overall concern about me as a patient. Lyn was great in assisting with the new patient forms as my issue is my right shoulder, a limited range of motion. Dr. Beggi asked many questions about my issues. She explained in detail the new patient intake. She is focused on me and developing a treatment plan. Dr. Beggi, Lyn and Marie are valuable staff to Bosco Chiropractic. I am happy to be a patient of yours.

~Barry D.

I’m So Thankful

That I’m so thankful to all your staff and to you doctor for being good and getting my son back to who was before he was not able to walk or sit now he is doing the very thing again. For me, on my first visit, I’m feeling great! I’m so happy that my family and I have the opportunity to be part of your patients. Thank you.

~Hilda L.

100% Recommended

Definitely the best Chiropractic doctor I had so far. Dr. Bosco and his staff are excellent. He is always available to listen, help, and attend to his patients. In addition, he takes the time to sit, listen, explain, and look for solutions to any concerns one may have. 100% recommended.

~Angel L.

You Were Great

You were great. It was nice being taken care of in such a timely fashion. Never have I ever gone to a doctor’s office and not had to wait 15 minutes or more to be seen. Keep up the good work.

~George B.

I Can’t Wait to Move Forward

This office has replenished my confidence in doctors. Such a wonderful staff and educating 1st visit. I am excited to be on this journey of wellness with them. I have already told friends how great my 1st visit was and that I can’t wait to move forward!

~Jennifer G.

One Of The Best

Dr. Bosco is one of the best Chiropractors I have seen. He’s state-of-the-art technology that also explains my other problem areas, how much weight I am shifting to one side, my foot problems, etc. I highly recommend Dr. Bosco.

~Aminata A.

Very Confident

Had a great experience, even though I was brought to tears from discomfort Dr was very compassionate, and Claire at the front desk was caring. Seeing all tomorrow for another adjustment, I’ve been in pain for a week now and am now very confident now from my first appointment that I will finally get relief. Thank you all!

~Connie W.


The information and explanations I received were like nothing I have encountered before at a Doctor’s office – excellent! I am just starting my treatment so I cannot comment on the results yet, but I feel very strongly that Dr’s Bosco & Beggi are the right people to be treating me.

~Tony M.

A Pleasant Experience Indeed

I couldn’t wait to tell my friend about my visit with you. It was all I expected and much, much more. Most doctors become uneasy when you ask questions, but not you doctor. As a matter a fact I left with a vivid image of my brain and skeleton and a better understanding of why I am having such a hard time controlling my diabetes and high cholesterol. Thank you doctor, June 30, 2015 was a great day for me. And lets not forget your lovely staff. Unlike most doctors’ appointment Clare, who I spoke to yesterday, greeted me with an out stretch arm while saying “You must be Verona, welcome” while Marie stood with a big smile waiting her turn. Even your patients made me feel welcome. A pleasant experience indeed.

~Verona D.

Extremely Professional

Dr. Bosco and Marie are both extremely professional and experts at what they do and passionate about helping their patients. Not only this, but they exhibit genuine, personal care for their patients and their well being that is rarely seen in healthcare today. I would highly recommend Bosco Chiropractic to anyone and everyone!

~Clare M.

Wonderful TLC

Thanks for the wonderful TLC that Dr. Bosco and Marie so graciously provide. I appreciate the ease of making appointments and the quickness of being seen by Dr. Bosco. He explained my situation and needs in easy-to-understand terms and I feel confident that with his expert help I’m on the road to wellness. Thank you!

~Becky S.


Today I had the privilege of experiencing my first official visit with Dr. Bosco to become a patient of his for spinal correction! Firstly, his credentials are impeccable. Having the privilege of speaking with him for this first visit, never feeling rushed, I know his demeanor, intellect, respect, and passion to help people will help me with my problem.
His humor, moral integrity and deep commitment to what is right and best for his patients sets him apart. He displays an untiring effort to help and care for his patients. I am privileged and proud to be a patient of Dr. Bosco!

~Elsie V.

Absolute Pleasure

It was an absolute pleasure meeting Dr. Bosco and Marie. My wife and I had all questions answered courteously, politely, and in layman’s terms so we could understand the procedures. The use of the vertebrae models was extremely helpful. We both feel that I will be helped by this very caring, competent, and sensitive doctor!

~Jack V.

Totally Positive

I like to tease my younger brother about usually anything but he referred me to Bosco Chiropractic and he was pleasantly correct – I feel totally positive that my treatments will solve my issues – pleasant staff and communication couldn’t be better – I have already called my brother to thank him for the referral

~Wayne O.

Felt Welcome & At Ease

I am so glad my friend referred me to Bosco Chiropractic Clinic! As new patient, my experience today from start to finish was great. I instantly felt welcome and at ease. I was very impressed with how thorough and informative my appointment was. Thank you Dr. Bosco and Dr. Beggi.

~Michaelyn R.

Wonderful & Professional

I was in shock when I entered Bosco Chiropractic Clinic. Finally! I saw a normal wonderful place, professional, wonderful people. It’s nice to come in and talk with them. I love this place, where it is full of wonderful energy. Thank you, Dr. Bosco.
~Felicja M.